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Over the last few months, I have been working most diligently on nutrition, health, and mindfulness of all things that exist from myself. Partially for my narcolepsy/energy levels, mainly for myself as a whole. I do my best to limit dairy intake, and eat raw foods, strengthen meditation and awareness of behavior in all moments, and am working on incorporating in Yoga massively again. I have been searching for meditation groups/temples/and so on, and have yet to find an Acro Yoga place (besides the one, that I cannot quite attend). If all of this is completed and maintained properly the time I have with/for myself and with/for my son will be utilized to the very fullest. What I have found making it most difficult in doing these things is work. I work at a most upscale tea room, and spend time with my son and doing homework and anything else I need done the other days. While my schedule does not constantly waver about with work, it is entirely inflexible. I am not able to take days off, unless I would be of health concern to the kitchen. Plus, because it is very far, it takes an excess of gas and money. So, while my pay is certainly higher than minimum wage, the gas essentially takes it up. Which means less gas, money, and time to do photography shoots/yoga gatherings/meditation gatherings/etc.
 Often I am caught up in this shallow, material moments such as that. More and more I work on catching myself in the moment, as I am still on a long journey in my life, though progressing is assuredly made. 
With all that I am striving so endlessly to accomplish, I do not have time for much else. Though, if I am observant and calm, I may soon find a way to sync all that I desire to upkeep. We shall see.

I cannot say when another shoot will be, I have honestly been a bit lacking in checking my MM for shoots and message and the like. However, it is not the end. Simply, much more spaced out, until further adaptation is created.
  • Listening to: Binaural Beats
  • Reading: "Nothing In This Book Is True, But It's Exactly.."
  • Watching: To The Manor Born
  • Playing: Line Play
  • Eating: Kale Chips
  • Drinking: Tea


United States
Check out my VF:
I usually have brunette hair, but of course I color it upon my choosing. I'm about 5'2". I don't weigh much but try to exercise for my health anyways. I am interested in everything, simply because it has been able to exist in this Universe at all. I call myself a quantum witch because I try to match actual science (quantum mostly) with metaphysics. Finding the answer to never be one or the other, for are there not negative currents as well as positive? Then the answer is not only one, it is a balance of both, as is my answer to most questions people come to me for comfort. I attend school, work part time, and have a two year old son. I have as any skills and hobbies as I can pick up, and enjoy studying all subjects. I create music on multiple instruments, do modeling/photography, knit/crochet, paint/draw/etc. I enjoy reading as much as running around a hiking trail. Why not do it all, we only have so much time with this consciousness?? **Radom: I went to an Adventure Time party. My friend said I should be Marceline. My other friend later said I should be Bubblegum. When I asked each why they said "You are so dark and odd.", and "You are so bubbly and scientific." But no, I AM BOTH. I AM ALL. I Am Creepy AND Cute. SO! I went as MarciGum or Bonneleine and combine the shit out of them** That's who I am. Both extremes. Deal with it or find a different friend. WRITE STUFF HERE

LIKES: Everything. However, examples are expected. Medical Oddities. Culture/Food/Language Entomology, Astronomy, Particle Physics, Forensics Art/Music Science/History/Literature Hiking/Camping/Boating/Any Outdoor activity Wine/Cheese/Meats Mythology: Vampires, demons, werewolves, banshee, chimera OLD B MOVIES! Antiques/Vintage items People that can have substantial silences with me as much as they can intellectual conversations. People with balances of all flavors, ideas, and behaviors.

DISLIKES: I am not saying I don't have a dark side with sarcasm and horribly warped thoughts. However: People that need reasons to dislike things. And even then. Naturally I dislike people with hideous attitudes towards life that neither benefit them, nor others. However, I find the best solution to this is simply to focus on what I'm doing instead of being bothered by what they are. I may see horrible visions in my head, but I also see wonderful things of the light. I know it is about the balance of both, I'm intellectual enough to not pick one over the other. Come play with me in this wonderful world of duality?

*RANDOM*: Some of my favorite Characters are Squee, Johnny (THM), and Gir. Yes, I know they're all from the same artist. Maybe that's my taste.

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